September 15, 2010

Evan Blackwell - "Somewhere Between Here and There"

photos by dk pan

Artist statement by Evan describing his approach to art-making and life:
"I have consistently been making things with materials from my surroundings as a way to comprehend, as well as bring order and new meanings to the world I live in. At the very core of my research is a desire to create a harmony between the reality of my urban existence and my own personal ideology. My goal is to reinvent much of my surroundings both philosophically and physically in order to experience a more fulfilling life. My methods for doing this is to collect, rearrange and repurpose the materials and spaces around me. Translating everyday things into poignant forms of expression of our time; similar to a kind of alchemy, this process helps me overcome the limits of social constraints. It allows me access to a capacity of understanding that is not limited by a set paradigm."

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