December 2, 2014

STars on Broadway - Honors Capitol Hill Nonprofits


Join us for a lighting ceremony: 
Friday, Dec. 5, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.
In conjunction with Holiday Hotspot.

Meet at the corner of East John Street and Broadway in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.  

Sound Transit, for the fifth year, is celebrating nonprofits on Capitol Hill that make life brighter for everyone, through partnering with the Capitol Hill Chamber, for the STars on Broadway project.
Meet at E John & Broadway
Friday Dec 5th at 6pm
STart, Sound Transit’s art program, pairs an artist with a local organization selected by the Capitol Hill Chamber to create a custom STar inspired by the nonprofit. These STars stay lit on the Capitol Hill Link light rail construction wall through the dark winter nights. The STars will be installed on the Capitol Hill Red Wall at East John Street and Broadway.


Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Promulgating universal joy and expiation of stigmatic guilt,
artist: Clyde Peterson

Artist Trust
Supporting Washington State artists creating in all disciplines,
artist: Evan Blackwell  

Jubilee Women’s Center
Rebuilding lives, one extraordinary woman at a time, 
artist: Keely Dolan

Hugo House
A place for writers – to read words, hear words,
and make your own words better, artist: Vis-a-Vis Society

Seattle Area Support Groups
Promoting well-being through peer support,
artist: Ken Turner


People’s Memorial Funeral Cooperative, artist: Maria Meneses 
Community Lunch on Capitol Hill, artist: Roy Powell 
Powerful Voices, artist: Vida Rose 
Northwest Film Forum, artist: DK Pan 
Gender Justice League, artist: Lauren Holloway

Capitol Hill Housing, artist: Dan Hawkins
Three Dollar Bill Cinema, artist: Monika Proffitt 
Velocity Dance, artist: Ezra Dickinson 
Washington Bus, artist: Susan Brown 
Friends of Olmsted Parks, artist: Jeanie Lewis

Entre Hermanos, artist: Joey Veltkamp 
Friends of the Conservatory-Volunteer Park, artist: Joanna Lepore
Ingersoll Gender Center, artist: ilvs strauss 
Reel Grrls, artist: Kelly Lyles 
Youthcare, artist: Ferdous Ahmed 

Rosehedge/Multifaith Works, artist: Michiko Tanaka 
Cal Anderson Park Alliance, artist: Rob Zverina 
Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets, artist: Jesse Brown 
Neighborhood Farmer’s Market Alliance, artist: Sam Trout 
Gay City Health Project, artist: NKO

June 6, 2014

Britta Johnson - Streamlined Fadeout

Britta Johnson, a member of the Seattle Experimental Animation Team (SEAT), has completed her wall animation project entitled Streamlined Fadeout. Britta is the latest artist to occupy the Red Wall for the 6-month SEAT residency program, which presents the collective membership an opportunity to work on large-scale animation projects. Photos and information on her October '13 installation can be found here. Jen Graves, Pulitzer-finalist art critic for The Stranger, writes about Britta's project here.
Vimeo page -
Website -
Streamlined Fadeout from Britta Johnson on Vimeo.

January 5, 2014

STars On Broadway 2013!!!

STart (Sound Transit's art program)

Please join us for the

STars on Broadway Lighting Ceremony

Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013 | 5:30 p.m.

Corner of E John St & Broadway in Seattle

Sound Transit partners with the Capitol Hill Chamber to shine a light on neighborhood nonprofits who make life brighter for everyone.

STart pairs an artist with a Chamber selected organization, who creates a custom star inspired by the nonprofit’s mission. These STars stay lit on the Capitol Hill Link light rail construction wall throughout the dark winter nights. The STars will be installed on the Capitol Hill Red Wall at East John Street and Broadway on Dec. 12. They will stay up through early February.

2013 NonProfit STars on Broadway, and their STart artists:

Capitol Hill Seattle

October 23, 2013

Britta Johnson - "Streamlined Fadeout"

Streamlined Fadeout is a sculptural animation project that unfolds over several months on the SEAT
animator’s portion of the Capitol Hill Wall Project. A grid of colored hubcap “pixels” are flipped
and photographed in a series of patterns that suggests cars moving slowly in traffic; additional runs
of the pattern are photographed as months pass and the color weathers off, and the cars in the video
appear to fade away.


More information on Britta's work can be found here.

July 31, 2013

Community Supported Vertical Agriculture at the Red Wall

Community Supported Vertical Agriculture is a multi-media installation created by Joanna Lepore in collaboration with the Just Garden Project and Sound Transit. Featuring a living pallet garden, a functional rain-gutter irrigation sculpture, and a rain-dragon mural by artist Tessa Hulls, the piece is a beautiful, interactive, and community engaging addition to the Red Wall. Thanks to step-by-step instructions posted next to the garden and a companion video on the artist's website, visitors to the Red Wall surrounding Capitol Hill’s future light rail station are encouraged to try their hand at urban farming, pallet-garden style!

Join us at the installation of Community Supported Vertical Agriculture on the corner of E John and 10th Ave in Seattle, on Thursday August 8, from 6-8pm

Meet the artist and collaborators, pick herbs or help water the garden, and learn about growing fall veggies with the Just Garden Project. Hope to see you there!

For the Facebook invite and map, click here.

June 9, 2013

Coming soon! SuttonBeresCuller's For the Birds

As summer approaches, new projects are going up on the Red Wall including this latest installation by Seattle's hardest working trio of Geniuses, SuttonBeresCuller. During the month of June, 85 of these handmade bird houses, painted 'green screen' green, will grace the perimeter and high places of the wall. For information on the artists' work -

May 22, 2013

New title cards by Sign Savant, new work by Greg Boudreau

Japhy Witte aka Sign Savant, recently added a few more title cards and Greg Boudreau has installed a new painting to replace the one which was stolen from the wall several months ago.
More info on Greg's wall project can be found here.

May 13, 2013

Joanna Lepore in City Arts magazine

Coming soon to the Red Wall is Joanna Lepore's Vertical Pallet Garden project.
"The vertical pallet garden installation will showcase a beautiful, living, edible vertical garden constructed of waste materials complete with a creative, low cost irrigation solution. The installation will include three large panels detailing at-home construction of a pallet garden. A fourth panel will identify edible plants within the garden to encourage passers-by into a full sensory experience. The aim is to inspire urban Seattleites to recreate pallet gardens at their homes and apartments."

Joanna was recently published in City Arts magazine writing about her growth and development as an urban garden activist in an article entitled, The Education of an Urban Environmentalist.

January 25, 2013

NKO wins City Arts Art Walk Award!

Congrats to NKO for winning the City Arts Art Walk Award for his Red Wall project. He was chosen from a list of 10 finalists during an event on Jan. 24th. NKO received the first place award of $1,250. Kudos to City Arts and sponsors for supporting Seattle artists and Art Walks!

January 11, 2013

City Arts Art Walk Awards

We were pleased to hear that 3 of the artists who completed projects recently on the Red Wall have been noticed by the good folks at City Arts Magazine for their quarterly Art Walk Awards. Congrats to NKO who was chosen as a finalist. Greg Bourdeau and Tory Franklin were included in the People Choices Finalist category, wherein the public can vote them into the final round. Vote here.

January 10, 2013

Greg Bourdeau's painting stolen!

Greg Bourdeau's Arboretum - courtesy of the artist
One of Greg Bourdeau's recently installed paintings was stolen over the holidays. Entitled "Arboretum", the 32" x 92" painting on reclaimed wood was taken sometime between December 19-21st. If you have any information on the whereabouts, please contact the Sound Transit Art Program. Greg will be adding additional works to his installation in the coming months.

January 9, 2013

Otto Bulut - SEAT

Otto Bulut is the latest SEAT, Seattle Experimental Animation Team, artist to utilize the Red Wall for a stop-motion animation film project. As part of SEAT's residency, each artist is allotted 6-months of wall time to develop their project. Some insights into the process from Otto:

"The shoot at the wall was a great experience and was a first for me in a couple of ways.  It was my first time directing a crew on a live shoot and my first time doing pixelation (stop-motion with human models).  My expertise is in 2D puppet animation (shadow puppets and paper doll) and 2D computer animation (Flash, After Effects) and I have rarely had the opportunity to work with a crew.
Otto Bulut
The shoot went surprisingly smoothly.  I came in knowing what I wanted to get on film but not having a technical plan on how to execute it.  Seven members of S.E.A.T. showed up and worked it out with me, quickly coming up with a plan on how to get my vision captured.  I felt like our collective experience really came together to make it a fun learning experience. 

Saskia Delores with SEAT animators, Salise Hughes and Tess Martin
I am also so very grateful to the members of the community that came out to lend a hand.  The five of them were so patient and good-natured during the slow and demanding process of animation.
This experience gave me much inspiration to finish the project which is a music video for Saskia Delores, the rest of which will mostly be stop-motion with painted 2D puppets. As an added benefit, it made me excited to work with teams and live shoots in the future, directions I have long wanted to explore."

Otto with SEAT animators, Stefan Gruber and Britta Johnson, and crew
For more info on Otto Bulut - here and here 
Photos courtesy of the artist.

December 11, 2012

STars on Broadway

STars on Broadway Celebrates Third Year
(On the Capitol Hill Red Wall, on John Street at Broadway)

For the third year in a row, Sound Transit has partnered with the Capitol Hill Chamber to shine a light on neighborhood non-profits that make life brighter for everyone on Capitol Hill throughout the year.

A lighting ceremony will be held at
5:30pm, Thursday, December 13, 2012
in conjunction with Capitol Hill ArtBlitz
Meet at the Capitol Hill Chamber office (1641 Nagle Place, next to Cal Anderson Park) and promenade to the STars on Broadway site at E John St and Broadway.  (Lanterns encouraged.)

STart, Sound Transit art program, in conjunction with the Capitol Hill Chamber and the red wall curator - DK Pan, pair an artist from the Red Wall temporary art roster with a local organization to create a custom STar inspired by the non-profit.  These STars will stay lit on the Capitol Hill Link light rail construction wall through the dark winter nights.

2012 nonprofit honorees and artists:  

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog article here.
Capitol Hill Seattle Blog’s coverage of 2011 STars on Broadway lighting here.

STars on Broadway 2011, photo

Top Row, left to right:
2010 Rosehedge/Multifaith Works, Michiko Tanaka; 2010 Cal Anderson Park Alliance, Rob Zverina; 2011 Friends of the Conservatory, Volunteer Park, Joanna Lepore; 2010 Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets, Jesse Brown; 2010 Neighborhood Farmer’s Market Alliance, Sam Trout
Bottom Row, left to right:
2011 Entre Hermanos, Joey Veltkamp; 2011 Ingersoll Gender Center, ilvs strauss (lowercase correct); 2010 Gay City Health Project, NKO; 2011 Reel Grrls, Kelly Lyles; 2011 Youthcare, Ferdous Ahmed.

December 3, 2012

Greg Boudreau

Greg Boudreau has installed 7 panels of his series on cityscapes on the Red Wall. Each painting is a laborious process involving multiple layers of hand-cut stencils and aerosol paint, created from manipulated photographs taken by the artist. The panels are constructed from re-claimed wood. For more info on the artist's work -


Transit Skyline Merge

Airport Way #1

Colonnade Park (top), I-5 Merge (bottom)

Spokane Street Ramp

11th & Pine

photos by dk pan

October 25, 2012

Amanda Manitach gives a shout-out to the Red Wall on her wonderful article in City Arts magazine about psychogeography and the city -  City Arts article

September 5, 2012

NKO - "The Architecture of Endlessness"

The Architecture of Endlessness, a new mural by NKO, will officially open for the second Thursday ArtBlitz from 5pm until dusk on September 13, 2012, between Denny and John on 10th Avenue East in Seattle. Situated on the East facade of Sound Transit’s Link light rail Capitol HIll Station construction site - also known as the Red Wall - this 24’x 240’ painting will remain until the station construction is finished.
For more info on NKO - here and here. An earlier post about the project as it commenced is here.

The Architecture of Endlessness was designed and painted by NKO, with assistance from Sign Savant’s Japhy Witte. Executed over five weeks, the mural is an abstract, improvisational reaction to the site framed by concept (and word) of endlessness -- both in relation to the site itself (the painting will disappear in a few years) and to the continual evolution of the city. Repeated letterforms collapse into colorful cityscapes, towers climb within impossible geometries, lifter cranes swing freely above as the clouds roll in... the visual tableau is of a jumbled, brightly lit future accented by surreal moments of colorful nostalgia.

photo by Barbara Luecke
The project is curated by New Mystics and commissioned by Sound Transit through STart, it was also funded by an Individual Artist Project Grant from 4Culture, and received support from Sign Savant, Art Primo, Davis Sign and Painter’s Guild of Magic. D.K. Pan is the STart lead artist who helps shape the Red Wall art commissions.

photo by Barbara Luecke
NKO is a Seattle based visual and performance artist, curator, and designer. He is founder, with DK Pan, of Free Sheep Foundation and Black Sheep Book Arts. No Touching Ground and NKO are also founders of New Mystics. NKO regularly works with experimental theatre company Saint Genet, and has been a long time volunteer at VERA project silkscreen studio. As a curator, NKO has produced shows for Bumbershoot, City Arts Festival, and has worked with the Department of Neighborhoods, 4Culture, Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, and Seattle Parks Department.

Japhy Witte, aka Sign Savant, is one of the finest sign and scenic painters in the city of Seattle. You may have noticed his other work on the Red Wall project - he has composed and executed all of the hand painted artist title cards adorning the wall. You can also find his work at Under the Needle tattoo in Belltown, and on almost every block of West Seattle. Japhy has worked with MOHAI on restoration projects, and also regularly works with New Mystics and Saint Genet.

Photos by dk pan unless otherwise noted.