August 27, 2010

Baso Fibonacci - "Untitled"

A painted mural self-portrait with owls in a landscape stretches from the corner of E. John Street to the first entrance gate on 10th Avenue. The 24' x 120' piece was designed by street artist Baso Fibonacci and painted by Zach Rochstad and Japhy Witte, with support from Art Primo Paint Suppliers. 

The painting was recently featured by KOMO news - see the footage here

August 17, 2010

Tim Marsden - BOOM!

Okay, I keep referring to it as "Boom," but to be fair, Tim Marsden's contribution to The Wall is called "Is That All There Is?" Inspired by the Peggy Lee song of the same name, Marsden imagines what it would be like to experience a real-life (cartoon) explosion, complete with a big boom! and flying debris.

photos by jennifer babuca

"Is That All There Is?" can be seen from Cal Anderson Park, and features real planks of wood painted to look like... cartoon planks of wood.

Learn more about Tim's work at


August 13, 2010

Joey Veltkamp - the lowdown

© Joey Veltkamp, photo by Jennifer Babuca

© Joey Veltkamp. Photo by Jennifer Babuca
photos by jennifer  babuca
A little info on Joey's murals, in the artist's own words:

"My paintings are records of the disparate elements of my life on the hill during the past 13 years. Each object in the panels represents a memory I associate with the hill (or in some cases, objects symbolize the hill's collective memory). While maybe not immediately apparent, there are references to past and present bars, restaurants, coffee shops, weird vendors, hangovers, hipster culture, pride parades, Nirvana, the farmer's market, drugs, sex, rock and roll."

Joey's work can be seen on Broadway, near Denny. The images are like a scavenger hunt, so allot yourself enough time to study them, challenge yourself to see how many objects you can find and allow the paintings to conjure up your own memories of Capitol Hill.

Learn more about Joey at


photos by dk pan

Gretchen Bennett - "Crazy in Love"

For more information about the artist -

photos by dk pan

August 12, 2010

Gretchen Bennett

© 2010 Gretchen Bennett. Photo by Jennifer Babuca
Installed on Monday, August 9, Gretchen Bennett's "Crazy in Love" features 10 hand-rendered video stills the title song. The series begins with Antony and the Johnsons' ballad version followed by the original Beyonce version.

Installation of Tim Marsden's work continues through the end of the week, and Joey Veltkamp was also installed. We'll get some photos up soon!

Tim Marsden

Tim Marsden began his installation project this week on a section of the Wall next to Cal Anderson Park.
For more information about the artist -

photos by dk pan

August 7, 2010

Evan Blackwell - "Somewhere Between Here and There"

Evan Blackwell began installation on his project, involving reclaimed door and framing materials, on Broadway Ave. E. near the E. John St. intersection.
For more information about the artist -

photos by Jennifer Babuca

August 5, 2010

Baso Fibonacci

Baso Fibonacci – 'untitled'
A 24' x 135' mural/self portrait of the artist on 10th Ave. E. near E. John Street. Baso and his crew of painters, Zach Rochstad and Japhy Witte, began work on the mural last Thursday and will be wrapping up later this week.
Baso Fibonacci
Zach Rochstad
Japhy Witte
Barbara Luecke being interviewed by KOMO
photos by dk pan

photos by Barbara Luecke

For more photos:

August 4, 2010

Sound Transit is building a light rail station in the heart of Capitol Hill that will connect the neighborhood to service to the University of Washington and SeaTac airport. Over the next four years, through 2014, a two block stretch between Broadway and 10th Avenue will be surrounded by a construction wall as the area is excavated and the station is built. During this construction period, the Sound Transit Art Program, STart, will turn the construction wall into an art lab with a rotation of commissioned works from a wide range of artists, curated by lead artist D.K. Pan.

The first step of transforming the construction wall into the art lab was choosing an appropriate color. In recognition of Capitol Hill’s place as the heart of Seattle, Pan selected a vibrant red for the wall and created a theme for the gallery – “THE CITY: love, loss, and the moveable future.”

Through a competitive process, a roster of nearly thirty artists has been created to draw from to create projects. Many artists are developing their projects and the first round of installations will continue over the next few weeks and over the four years of construction. Some of the works that are currently underway:

1) Baso Fibonacci – an untitled mural/self portrait of the artist on 10th Ave. E. near E. John Street. Baso and his crew of painters, Zach Rochstad and Japhy Witte began work on the mural last Thursday and will be wrapping up later this week.

2) Gretchen Bennett – “Crazy in Love” is a series of posters of hand-rendered video stills comparing/contrasting Beyonce and Antony & the Johnsons different interpretations of the titular song. The posters will be installed on Broadway near Denny later this week.

3) Joey Veltkamp – two murals that will be installed on Broadway that translates the artist’s memories and love of Capitol Hill though objet de refuse he’s encountered over the years.

4) Evan Blackwell - a 3-dimensional installation that utilizes reclaimed door and framing material to create beautiful geometric patterns. This artwork is anticipated to be installed on Broadway near John Street over Thursday and Friday of this week.

5) Vis-aVis Society – a two-person performance and installation work for the Cal Anderson side of the wall. The artists, Sierra Nelson and Rachel Kessler will conduct surveys during Arts Blitz exploring how we came to be where we are and chart results on the wall.

6) SEAT (Seattle Experimental Animation Team) – a film collective featuring Webster Crowell, Britta Johnson, Sarah Jane Lapp, Tess Martin, Amanda Moore, Clyde Peterson, and youth group Coyote Central will create a time-lapse animated event on the Cal Anderson Park side of the wall. The wall images will result in an animation titled “Wallrus,” which will be screened at the end of the four year-residency on the wall. This project kicks off in early September.

More projects will unfold over the coming months and continue throughout the life of the wall. For artists who are interested in applying to be a part of the roster, we will holding future artist calls, which will be posted on our website. You can register to receive email notifications of artist opportunities at

- Jennifer Babuca, STart Program Coordinator