August 9, 2012

Sam Trout - "Landscape of the Vanities"

Sam Trout is the latest artist to finish their project for the Red Wall. This 56'x8' mural painting is located near the Broadway Ave.and E. Denny intersection. Originally from Anchorage, AK, Sam has been working in Seattle as an illustrator, graphic and apparel designer, painter, and I Heart Rummage co-curator since 2000.

More information on the artist's work:
Capitol Hill Seattle article about this project here.

All photos courtesy of the artist.
day 1
day 3

day 5

day 8 - complete



Stefan Gruber - "Both Worlds"

Stefan Gruber recently completed his 3-part painting for the Red Wall. Previous post on his project here. The artist added bracketing "cat ear" panels to the previous installation, fitting the display into the contours of the wall under the Chinese Scholar tree.

August 8, 2012

NKO - "The Architecture of Endlessness"

Earlier this week, NKO started work on a site-specific mural painting for the 10th ave. section of the Red Wall. At 220'x24', the project will be one of the largest murals in the city. Entitled "The Architecture of Endlessness", the artist envisions "an abstract mural based on drawings inspired by the surrounding architecture and structures incorporating geometric forms and typography depicting the words endless, never forever, always, and new mystics".

"NKO is a Seattle-based semiotician, visual and performance artist, curator, designer and chef. He works as an art director and managing director for experimental theatre companies Saint Genet and Implied Violence, and is co-founder of Free Sheep Foundation, Black Sheep Book Arts and New Mystics. NKO has exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally working between Seattle, New York, and Europe.
The failure of language, of communication, is often the premise of NKO’s work; things that are misheard, mumbled, whispered, spoken through broken teeth and bleeding tongues. He is deeply influenced by the writings of George Bataille and Jean Genet."

photos by dk pan

photo by kelly o