May 16, 2012

Stefan Gruber - "Both Worlds"

“Both Worlds” by artist Stefan Gruber (acrylics and house paint on 1/4 " wood panels) has begun installation.  The mural installation on the red construction wall is meant to be a cartoon place where characters from Stefan’s previous films can go to relax.

The center panel of “Both Worlds” (currently installed) shows a spot in the cartoon landscape called Battery Charge Point, a place the animation’s characters (Jake and Viking: one is a bird-man, the other is a dragon-man) are attracted to for its relaxing properties. The high mountain side, moving waters, and wispy forests add to this effect.  This imaginary place has a sort of candy land quality. There's a blossoming garden that the artist hopes will act as an antidote to the NW's wobbly weather quality, and inspire people to find relaxing spots just like this within Cal Anderson Park.

Sign Savant
“Both Worlds” is a frame from an animation performance piece by the same name, which will be touring in summer 2012.  The performance piece has live processed vocals, audience interaction, a psychic reading, and an original sonic experience by Jherek Bischoff.  It's never the same performance twice and always really magical.

The mural is being created in parts so it can be revealed over time. The center panel is a literal still frame from the “Both Worlds” animation performance piece, and the side panels are original extensions of the animated land. Look for the side panels to be installed in June.
- Mylinda Sneed


To learn more about Stefan Gruber’s work:,

Stefan Gruber (left) with assistant