May 17, 2011

Specs one - "Watching Emeralds"

"SPECSONE aka SPECSWIZARD aka MIC MULLIGAN & S. FUTURE, came from Earth and Space. sound and form. started rhyming and making beats in 1979. started Graffing in 1983. we've only just begun!"

Specs one, a Seattle native, is a musician, visual artist, and elder in the underground art community. He's a noted MC and beat-maker; dubbed by writer/journalist Charles Mudede as "Seattle's Baudelaire", and often described as "The Holy Ghost of Northwest underground hip hop". Wandering the streets with Specs is to hear tales of various scenes dating from the late 70's, now since vanished, to the street happenings of today. In addition to working on songs, film scores, performing live, and writing; Specs also has produced a series of comics under Capstan Media, and recently published 'Mux Adapter', a graphic novel. For the Capitol Hill Wall Project, he will be painting a 60 ft. mural on Broadway entitled, "Watching Emeralds"; a homage to his hometown.

 Day one photos:

Vida Rose - "It's Always Been There"

Vida Rose recently updated her comic mural on Broadway due another instance of vandalism which has been plaguing her project (for background on her work go here).