December 27, 2010

Wall Project noticed in Parks Blog

Full blog post from the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Blog can be found here.

"However, the park was lovely and also contained some really awesome public art courtesy of the Sound Transit Art Program (STart).  As a light rail station is constructed in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, local artists are creating temporary art installations on the construction wall.  Several of these projects are visible from the park, including this one that I just loved, Tim Marsden’s “Is That All There Is?" - Melissa McMasters


December 19, 2010

Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce and Sound Transit present “Stars on Broadway”

photo by Staton DuBois / CHS
Capitol Hill Seattle article here.

"The Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce and Sound Transit are partnering on “Stars on Broadway,” a program that shines some light on a few of the non-profit organizations that make life brighter for everyone on Capitol Hill throughout the year. In the program’s first edition, the Capitol Hill Chamber has selected five recipients to honor with a lighted star, each created by artists from the Sound Transit Art Program (STart) Wall Project. The stars will hang throughout the holiday season on the red construction wall on Broadway just south of John."

2010 “Stars on Broadway” Honorees

photos by Rhonda Dixon
Cal Anderson Park Alliance (CAPA), – Star by Rob Zverina
Cal Anderson Park Alliance generates and funds creative, innovative activities and events at Cal Anderson Park.

Gay City Health Project, – Star by NKO
Gay City promotes gay, bi and trans men's health and prevent HIV transmission by building community, fostering communication and nurturing self-esteem. 

 Neighborhood Farmer's Market Alliance, – Star by Sam Trout
Broadway Farmers Market: Bringing farm-fresh food to our neighborhood.

Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets, – Star by Jesse Brown
Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets saves lives: "I have learned to believe in myself, accept myself and empower myself. We live and breathe the people we save.”

Rosehedge/Multifaith Works,;, – Star by Michiko Tanaka
Rosehedge and Multifaith Works, two of Seattle’s premier AIDS care organizations, are merging to better help those living with HIV/AIDS

December 4, 2010

The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times features a photo of the Wall Project in Local News.

photo by Mark Harrizon / The Seattle Times
"Sound Transit curator D.K. Pan removes artist Gretchen Bennett's work from light-rail construction walls along Broadway between Pike Street and Olive Way. The work is in preparation for a new project featuring 4-foot-wide backlit stars and five artists sponsored by five area nonprofit organizations. Pan has the task of curating the work of other artists in a rotating display during the construction project from 2011 to 2014."

November 29, 2010

Seattle Magazine picks Wall Project as one of 'Best of 2010'

"Best lemonade made from lemons"

"STart (the Sound Transit Art Program) is beautifying the two-block hole in the ground that Capitol Hill residents will have to walk around for the next four years as the city builds a light rail station next to Cal Anderson Park. The project, curated by artist D.K. Pan and titled “The City: Love, Loss and the Moveable Future” (, turned a giant construction wall into an art gallery accessible to all who pass by. Nearly 30 local artists have been tapped to participate in this ongoing exhibit, including the Seattle Experimental Animation Team, a group of local animators that is painstakingly painting, filming, repainting and filming eight animations on the wall for a cumulative installation called “Wallrus.”

October 18, 2010

Mayor McGinn Does Art

Mayor Mike McGinn spent Saturday taking a tour of the Broadway business district, which included a stop by The Wall.

Dr. Ingrid Ink from the Vis-a-vis Society was on hand conducting research, and was able to get the Mayor to add his input for a report on convenyence means and methods of Hillites and Hill visitors.

photo by Barbara Luecke

Two nights before, Drs. Ink and Owning kicked off their research project during Arts Blitz. Undetered by drizzly weather, the pair sported some fetching rain bonnets.

Miss getting your responses on the wall? Keep an eye here for dates and times when the good Doctors will be out conducting more survey work, or visit their web site at

October 15, 2010

From Gabriel Campanario aka The Seattle Sketcher

Gabriel Campanario
The Seattle Times artist, Gabriel Campanario, sketches a section of the Wall.
The original article can be found here.

October 8, 2010

SEAT presents Clyde Petersen, first artist of the WALLRUS project

SEAT (Seattle Experimental Animation Team) presents the first project of the 4-year WALLRUS series.

SEAT is "a loose coalition of animator/filmmakers based in Seattle whose mission is to be a nurturing force for the creation and dissemination of experimental animation."

The WALLRUS project, supported by NW Film Forum and Art Work Fine Art Services, is a "slow moving, ungainly giant movie, an eight part collaborative mural/animation created over four years" on a section of the Wall next to Cal Anderson Park. "The wall will become an animated mural, with a new animator arriving every six months to transform the wall entirely, culminating in evening screenings of ‘wall’ animation and selected films curated by the artist of the season."

This collaborative project involves seven animators and one school group:
Clyde Petersen
Webster Crowell
Britta Johnson
Sarah Jane Lapp
Tess Martin
Amanda Moore
Coyote Central

Initial artist Clyde Petersen began his animation during September's Blitz! He is working on animating a music video for Not Like Any Other Feeling, by the Portland-based band The Thermals. The project celebrates the wonders of travel in outer space.

Clyde Petersen runs the Seattle-based production company Do It For the Girls Productions. He divides time between producing live action and animated music videos, touring with and managing local bands, and teaching youth film making camps. His most recent feature  film, The Unspeakable, premiered in July 2010.

More information on Clyde's project is here.
More information on SEAT is here.

October 5, 2010

Vis-a-Vis Society presents "How We Came To Be Here"

"It's finally happening! As you make your rounds during the OCTOBER Blitz Capitol Hill Arts Walk (Thursday, Oct 14th) be sure to stop by the Vis-à-Vis Society's new ongoing graph and installation as part of the STart Capitol Hill Wall Project. From 5:30-7:30 PM, Drs. Ink and Owning will be surveying passersby and creating LIVE GRAPHS for their project "HOW WE CAME TO BE HERE." Add your light to the constellation of data, and watch as the live bar graphs grow up to 18 feet! At 7:30 PM, the Vis-à-Vis Society will then sing and dance the evening's findings. FREE & ALL AGES! (The Vis-à-Vis Society installation graphs are on the big red wall in Cal Anderson Park by the mountain-fountain, just North of "Boom.") For more information visit: "
-  Vis-à-Vis Society

photo by dk pan

September 25, 2010

Interview with Cameron Larson by Comrade Bunny features an interview with the artist behind the "Caps for Slats" project.
It can be found here.

photos by dk pan

September 16, 2010

September 15, 2010

Evan Blackwell - "Somewhere Between Here and There"

photos by dk pan

Artist statement by Evan describing his approach to art-making and life:
"I have consistently been making things with materials from my surroundings as a way to comprehend, as well as bring order and new meanings to the world I live in. At the very core of my research is a desire to create a harmony between the reality of my urban existence and my own personal ideology. My goal is to reinvent much of my surroundings both philosophically and physically in order to experience a more fulfilling life. My methods for doing this is to collect, rearrange and repurpose the materials and spaces around me. Translating everyday things into poignant forms of expression of our time; similar to a kind of alchemy, this process helps me overcome the limits of social constraints. It allows me access to a capacity of understanding that is not limited by a set paradigm."

For more information about the artist -

September 8, 2010

Cameron Larson - "Caps for Slats"

Cameron Larson will begin installing his mosaic project this coming Thursday, Sept. 9th, in conjunction with Blitz! (Capitol Hill Art Walk). The work will comprise of some 7,000 beer bottle caps arranged and installed directly onto a section of the Broadway wall. The finished work will be a 8'x8' portrait of the recently departed Capitol Hill icon, Chris Harvey aka "Slats".
Cameron has been collecting caps for the past year for this project, but is need of more... "Any obscure caps are ideal. No Corona, Budwiser, Bud Light, Henry Weinhard... But I will accept ANYTHING!!!" He will be working on Broadway (next to Joey Veltkamp's panels) for the next few weeks, installing his project bit by bit.

SEAT (Seattle Experimental Animation Team) presents "WALLRUS"

Local animators premiere four-year wall animation project Wallrus, an animated wall project lasting four years and involving 8 animators, kicks off at 6PM on Thursday, September 9th, 2010 in Seattle's Cal Anderson Park. Local artist/musician Clyde Petersen will create a large scale animation destined for a music video.

SEAT (Seattle Experimental Animation Team) in conjunction with Sound Transit, and with support from the NW Film Forum and Art Work Fine Art Services presents: Wallrus - The slow moving, ungainly giant movie, an eight part collaborative mural/animation created over four years on the surface of a construction barrier in Seattle's Cal Anderson Park. Seven animators and one school group collaborating over time will take over part of the huge plywood wall around the Capitol Hill Light Rail construction - specifically a section by 'the Philosopher's Tree' near the 10th Ave and Denny park entrance in Cal Anderson Park. Beginning Thursday September 9th this wall will become an animated mural, with a new animator arriving every six months to transform the wall entirely, culminating in evening screenings of 'wall' animation and selected films curated by the artist of the season.
SEAT members include Webster Crowell, Tess Martin, Britta Johnson, Clyde Peterson, Sarah Jane Lapp, Amanda Moore, and others, including a collaborative project with Coyote Central.

Initial artist Clyde Petersen begins his animation at 6PM during the Capitol Hill art walk on September 9th, 2010. The spectacle is free and open to the public. He will be working on a music video for Portland based band, The Thermals. The project will celebrate the wonders of travel in outer space.

Clyde Petersen runs the Seattle-based production company Do It For the Girls Productions. He divides time between producing live action and animated music videos, touring with and managing local bands, and teaching youth film making camps. His most recent feature film, The Unspeakable, premiered in July 2010.

August 27, 2010

Baso Fibonacci - "Untitled"

A painted mural self-portrait with owls in a landscape stretches from the corner of E. John Street to the first entrance gate on 10th Avenue. The 24' x 120' piece was designed by street artist Baso Fibonacci and painted by Zach Rochstad and Japhy Witte, with support from Art Primo Paint Suppliers. 

The painting was recently featured by KOMO news - see the footage here

August 17, 2010

Tim Marsden - BOOM!

Okay, I keep referring to it as "Boom," but to be fair, Tim Marsden's contribution to The Wall is called "Is That All There Is?" Inspired by the Peggy Lee song of the same name, Marsden imagines what it would be like to experience a real-life (cartoon) explosion, complete with a big boom! and flying debris.

photos by jennifer babuca

"Is That All There Is?" can be seen from Cal Anderson Park, and features real planks of wood painted to look like... cartoon planks of wood.

Learn more about Tim's work at


August 13, 2010

Joey Veltkamp - the lowdown

© Joey Veltkamp, photo by Jennifer Babuca

© Joey Veltkamp. Photo by Jennifer Babuca
photos by jennifer  babuca
A little info on Joey's murals, in the artist's own words:

"My paintings are records of the disparate elements of my life on the hill during the past 13 years. Each object in the panels represents a memory I associate with the hill (or in some cases, objects symbolize the hill's collective memory). While maybe not immediately apparent, there are references to past and present bars, restaurants, coffee shops, weird vendors, hangovers, hipster culture, pride parades, Nirvana, the farmer's market, drugs, sex, rock and roll."

Joey's work can be seen on Broadway, near Denny. The images are like a scavenger hunt, so allot yourself enough time to study them, challenge yourself to see how many objects you can find and allow the paintings to conjure up your own memories of Capitol Hill.

Learn more about Joey at


photos by dk pan

Gretchen Bennett - "Crazy in Love"

For more information about the artist -

photos by dk pan

August 12, 2010

Gretchen Bennett

© 2010 Gretchen Bennett. Photo by Jennifer Babuca
Installed on Monday, August 9, Gretchen Bennett's "Crazy in Love" features 10 hand-rendered video stills the title song. The series begins with Antony and the Johnsons' ballad version followed by the original Beyonce version.

Installation of Tim Marsden's work continues through the end of the week, and Joey Veltkamp was also installed. We'll get some photos up soon!

Tim Marsden

Tim Marsden began his installation project this week on a section of the Wall next to Cal Anderson Park.
For more information about the artist -

photos by dk pan