August 13, 2010

Joey Veltkamp - the lowdown

© Joey Veltkamp, photo by Jennifer Babuca

© Joey Veltkamp. Photo by Jennifer Babuca
photos by jennifer  babuca
A little info on Joey's murals, in the artist's own words:

"My paintings are records of the disparate elements of my life on the hill during the past 13 years. Each object in the panels represents a memory I associate with the hill (or in some cases, objects symbolize the hill's collective memory). While maybe not immediately apparent, there are references to past and present bars, restaurants, coffee shops, weird vendors, hangovers, hipster culture, pride parades, Nirvana, the farmer's market, drugs, sex, rock and roll."

Joey's work can be seen on Broadway, near Denny. The images are like a scavenger hunt, so allot yourself enough time to study them, challenge yourself to see how many objects you can find and allow the paintings to conjure up your own memories of Capitol Hill.

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photos by dk pan

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