September 8, 2010

Cameron Larson - "Caps for Slats"

Cameron Larson will begin installing his mosaic project this coming Thursday, Sept. 9th, in conjunction with Blitz! (Capitol Hill Art Walk). The work will comprise of some 7,000 beer bottle caps arranged and installed directly onto a section of the Broadway wall. The finished work will be a 8'x8' portrait of the recently departed Capitol Hill icon, Chris Harvey aka "Slats".
Cameron has been collecting caps for the past year for this project, but is need of more... "Any obscure caps are ideal. No Corona, Budwiser, Bud Light, Henry Weinhard... But I will accept ANYTHING!!!" He will be working on Broadway (next to Joey Veltkamp's panels) for the next few weeks, installing his project bit by bit.


  1. I have a couple hundred assorted bottle caps that I have been saving for no reason... any idea how I can get them to you?

  2. If anyone would like to donate bottle caps, please feel free to e-mail me at There may be a drop-off location on the hill soon, but for now it is most convenient to receive donations during install. Thanks for your support and CHEERS!