January 5, 2011

Vis-a-Vis Society performs live graphing!

Sign Savant
On Sunday, January 2nd, Dr. Ink and Dr. Owning performed their latest installment of survey poems and live graphing. Dr. Ink gives us a first hand account from the day's events:
Photos by Rebecca Hoogs

Dr. Owning
Dr. Ink
"It was Very Cold on Sunday, but also beautiful and clear and it was great to be out there interacting and graphing for the new year. And at last a non-rainy day so we could place the data on both graphs!

On this day the Vis-à-Vis Society created a new glowing constellation of data on the smaller graph on the wall (x-axis: "How Fast Does Time Seem To Be Moving," & y-axis: "How Far Are You From Where You Want to Be"). In general, most people seemed to be experiencing time moving "fast" to "very very fast," and generally in the middle range of distance from where they wanted to be (more than millimeters - moving towards miles). One person placed her point exactly on the line for being right where she wanted to be, right now, in this moment. "How often does that happen?" she said, smiling. Another data point expressed the feeling that time seemed to be moving "in reverse" (a first in our data collecting so far!), with a small-to-medium range of distance from where that person wanted to be. Some very intriguing results all around! Dr. Ink provided the small attachable lights for people to place their own glowing point on this smaller graph, at the coordinate that best represented them in this moment. 

And we were able to get the giant bar graphs up at last for the larger graph "How We Came To Be Here." "Self-Conveyed" was the answer most people chose on the poem-survey by quite a lot. (The bar went all the way to the "H" in "How"!)  Dr. Owning manned the paint roller with super-extension handle to apply the results. The painted bar graphs look great against the red wall - we were very happy with how they turned out! And we are also very happy to have this data up where people can see and enjoy it. (Many passersby also expressed excitement and curiosity to know what the results were and to discover how the graph installation would work "in action.") We included all the data we'd collected so far from previous surveying sessions at the Wall, as well all the new data collected on Sunday.  (The notes people included on their poem-surveys for "How We Came To Be Here" we are also saving for future use in performances at the wall, and we're hoping to include some of the text on the wall itself - stay tuned.)

At the very end, we performed a new jug-band statistical analysis technique (color + sound) to correspond to the bar graphs, also a success!"

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