March 1, 2011

Vida Rose - "It's Alwasy Been There"

"This comic is a love letter for the street, its' passerby and inhabitants. I made the original sketch when I was homesick, mosquito-bitten and very far away. It brought me a kind of delight and comfort... and now I'm delighted to share it with the neighborhood I grew up in." - Vida Rose
Courtesy of Artist

Sign Savant
This latest project by Vida Rose, a Seattle native, is a homage to the Capitol Hill neighborhood where her family had settled a generation ago. From the project's inception, there's been a number of changes to the design due to occurrences outside of the artist's control. The original sketch for the comic panel is shown at the bottom of this post. Within a day of the artist completing her painting, through an unfortunate misunderstanding with the contractors responsible for cleaning up vandalism on the red wall, her work was painted over. The artist then re-painted her painting, only to find that a few days later, someone had come along and written "i deed it" on top of the work. Undeterred, Vida decided that the intrusion on her work could be incorporated into the panel and subsequently re-painted the vandal's marking in her hand, altering it to fit within the theme of the piece.

The first iteration of her project which was painted over. 

The original artist sketch.

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