September 30, 2011

Kristen Ramirez - "Spin a Tale, Emerald City"

Kristen Ramirez has spent last few months with six of her Cornish College of the Arts students to plan, design and fabricate this latest project for the Red Wall. On September 23, 24, the panels were painted and installed. A collection of words and images, framed in a playful equation, seeks to engender participatory dialogue from the public, as they engage with the work. Opening a street level space for commentary through utilization of the offered vocabulary.

"I am an artist who makes work about place. Responding to the urban environment, I enjoy excavating how messages get layered on top of one another to create a noisy collision of stylistic and cultural contrasts, textures, and colors. The work I have proposed for the Broadway wall aims to activate and elevate this urban space by bringing a sense of play to the rapidly evolving Capitol Hill neighborhood. Drawing on puzzles, carnival games, and game show attractions, I want to create a kinetic and interactive artwork that asks passers-by to complete a formula." - Kristen

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