January 31, 2012

Vida Rose - "Otters Holding Hands"

"Sea otters float through life; they smash open shells on their chest, eat off of their bellies and nurse their babies, all while serenely lying on their backs.

These paintings were inspired by the youtube video, 'otters holding hands', which has had over 17,000,000 views. If an otter is napping, a buddy will hold onto its' paw in order to keep it from floating adrift. Upon watching it is impossible not to smile. My goal was to bring this same effect out onto the street. I hope that passersby can feel the otter vibe and it will make them feel better. Otters are native to the NW, so maybe they can teach us to cope with these long winters." -Vida

More info on Vida's previous project for the Red Wall is here and here.

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